digiHCM™ provides a suite of applications to manage the Human Capital of an Enterprise. The HCM applications create a single view of the employees across their lifecycle - beginning from their recruitment to their alumnus. The data-centric approach to Human Capital Management allows organisations to quickly and reliably manage and scale up their workforce with Robotic Process Automation.

Salient Features

Talent Tracking System: Track the candidature across various stages of the application process. The applications are sourced from multiple sources and are intelligently mined to determine the most relevant candidates.

Employee Engagement: The application enables tracking, implementation and highly objective measurement of Employee engagement as an organizational KPI. Various strategies for interactive engagement programs can be launched quickly.

Attendance Management: Man-hours can be non-intrusively tracked to determine the employee presence as per the configurable organisational policies.

Talent Acquisition: The application smartly evaluates the right candidate for the job by robotic process automation. Huge man-hours are saved since it automates the screening and evaluation using machine learning.

Performance Management: Employee KPIs are defined, tracked and measured using a balanced scorecard. The application manages the multi-dimensional review cycles as per the organisational matrix.                                                                                    

Leave Management: A user-friendly omni-channel application tracks leaves and provides valuable insights in the organizational matrix.