digiEngage® is our flagship omni channel platform that enables digital transformation within an enterprise through its modular, scalable, virtualized, robust, plug & play architecture. digiEngage® helps enterprises seamlessly and intelligently engage with its business applications, devices and internal/external consumers in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Enterprises have gone through a first phase of digitization by automating their key processes. In this journey, they have deployed applications either developed inhouse or from various service providers to digitize their key functions. The transformation journey forward now requires seamless and intelligent engagement of enterprise resources and minimize manual processes in a cost efficient manner


An Omnichannel, cognitive computing ecosystem, enabling Robotics Process Automation and engagement in an enterprise between business applications, devices and its internal/external consumers.


A powerful and modular ecosystem with a robust flow designer that helps define and manage the engagement flow between business applications, devices and internal/external consumers. This ecosystem is agnostic of presentation, communication and database layer.

digiEngage® As Core Framework Of Digital Transformation Solutions


Salient Features

Digital transformation framework using digiEngage® brings in following business benefits for an enterprise.

  • Engaged ecosystem with easy interoperability of enterprise resources.
  • Single view of enterprise resources.
  • Easy integration
  • Quick launch of new and intelligent business processes
  • Help minimise manual processes
  • SME's and MSME's friendly
  • Cost effective