digiCRM™ provides enormous value to Enterprises by managing digital transformation of the Sales and Marketing processes, and thereby directly driving the business of the Enterprise. This includes a set of customer facing, modular and intelligent applications which are powered by machine learning algorithms.

digiCRMTM Marketing

The digiCRMTM Marketing is a marketing self-care solution that gives the Enterprises the opportunity to unlock the value of their consumers across their lifecycle by engaging with the right consumer with the right engagement at the right time. The omni-channel core helps maintain a single cohesive dialog with the consumers across the engagement channels.

Salient Features

Data Adaptability: Getting the right insight into the consumer psyche begins with ingesting and understanding data available from various touchpoints across the lifecycle of the consumer. The off-the-shelf and configurable data adaptors allows creating a single view of the consumers.

Loyalty Management: In order to increase customer lifetime value, multiple paradigms of Loyalty are offered across segments. The triad of Points, Badges and Leaderboards give flexible options to design exciting programs.

Gamified Engagement: The engagement success rates can be increased upto 4x by using game mechanisms to keep consumers excited. The available library of games include spin-the-wheel, virtual scratchcards, unjumble words, contests etc.

Superior Consumer Insights: The data insights are used to micro-segment the consumers across their current behavior, as well future predicted behavior. This allows Enterprises to identify the behavior of their customers and answer questions about their buying habits and historical traces.

Business Monitoring: Business Outcome of the engagement is done using statistical analysis across control groups. This allows measurement of the engagement success rates and the Return-on-Investment.

Video Engagement: In order to increase consumer delight, personalized and interactive videos are used as a channel to engage with the consumers. Video bills can also be used to monetize an underutilized engagement mechanism.

digiCRMTM Sales

The digiCRMTM Sales application helps streamline the entire sales cycle, which results in closing deals in your sales pipeline and helping everyone in the team to reach targets faster. The improved informational organization can be used to monitor the sales pipeline for quick action, including sales incentives.

Salient Features

Drive new Revenue Opportunities: Track the prospective leads and push them to real opportunities. The sales funnel is managed across the lifecycle of an opportunity across various stages.

Manage Key Sales KPIs: Track the sales pipeline by month and stage to produce accurate sales forecasts. The individual performance of sales people is tracked against the targets.

True Business Insights and Visibility: Investigate and analyze your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. The Power Map enables sales people to identify decision makers, influencers and key players in customer’s org.

Increase Sales Staff Empowerment: Transparently manage the sales incentives. The sales targets are clearly defined and managed with regular engagement to help achieve those.

Seamlessly Track Communications: The customer communications across channels (including email, phone, meetings) are available and archived in order to measure and track the customer activities.

Reach Customer Satisfaction Goals: Gather relevant customer data to get a 360-degree view of the customer and the contacts.  All documents and messages related to a lead/opportunity can be accessed from one place.