CIO Review feature story covers Lumata Digital's Omni-channel consumer & device engagement strategy to drive the value for enterprises.

The cover story by CIO Review magazine illustrates how modern enterprises can use 'true' omni-channel consumer & device engagement to create value for themselves and their consumers. Parag Grover, CEO of Lumata Digital, also talks about a clear differentiation between Omnichannel and Multichannel engagement and how this differentiation can impact the consumer experience and its relationship with an enterprise. READ MORE>>



Lumata Digital has been recognized among the "20 Most Promising Marketing Technology Solution Providers-2017" by CIO Review.

The coverage by CIO Review magazine on Lumata Digital depicts how Lumata Digital endeavors on transforming the ways in which enterprises engage with their customers. The coverage further explores Lumata Digital’s approach for driving innovation with digital solutions and marketing services through the suite of digital solution platforms. Lumata Digital has been so far at the forefront of providing digital solutions and services as well as marketing expertise to monetize data and enhance customer value. READ MORE>>