Digital Engagement by Lumata Digital is a powerful and comprehensive set of solutions that enables enterprises to digitally engage with and empower customers by providing rich and compelling user experiences at every touch-point. Lumata Digital enables various Consumer, Network and Enterprise services using its Service Delivery Platform. READ MORE>>

Lumata Digital’s digiEngage™ platform provides their clients the opportunity to engage the end users with a bunch of value added services and also helps to gear up loyalty of the users towards the company further helping in customer retention.

Lumata Digital engages various Consumer, Network and Enterprise services using its digiEngage™ Platform. The major components of Lumata’s digiEngage™ Platform are described below. READ MORE>>

Data Analytics

Do you struggle to manage the data gathered in bulk and you want a sure shot way to get the most of benefit from that data? There is an excess of data coming from many sources which leaves organizations stressed to manage data’s diversity and complexity. Not only storing the data is costly, but conventional data management practices can be a pain area for IT resources. READ MORE>>