Digital Engagement by Lumata Digital is a powerful and comprehensive set of solutions that enable enterprises to digitally engage with and empower customers by providing rich and compelling user experiences at every touch-point. Lumata Digital enables various Consumer, Network and Enterprise services using its Service Delivery Platform. The major components of Lumata’s SDP are described below:

Content Aggregation & management - We uphold pro-active, closely managed relationships with an array of local and international content providers and producers. We keep a keen eye on local market trends and demands, up-coming talent and top sellers. So we are the masters of target marketing. Our expertise provides huge benefits to our clients as quality content generates revenue and their service offerings are perceived to have a higher value by their subscribers.


SMS Packs

SMS Packs for lifestyle, humor, infotainment, sports, cinema, news and much more.

Video Streaming

Video streaming helps the user to receive rich, dynamic and latest content on their fingertips.

Content Delivery

This platform is converged with multichannel Voice, Video, SMS, USSD and data deliveries.


Higher Acceptance Rates

Hosted content and delivery services help to achieve higher acceptance rate.

Content Modernizing

Extensive genres and media of content are frequently updated.

Unleash New Revenue Streams

This platform helps to increase content revenue by cross-selling and upselling.

Customer Acquisition

Your business will only win by marketing smartly – acquiring customers in a way that differentiates you from the crowd and builds an enthusiastic and valuable customer base. The content and digital service need to be monetized by effective promotions of the services resulting in customer acquisition and retention.


  • Scalable and customized solutions designed as per the requirement of clients.
  • SMS to real-time SIM-toolkit based promotions
  • Post-call notifications


  • Easy, affordable, and effective for building a customer database.
  • This is a time-effective method for lead generation
  • High conversion rate

Subscription Manager

digiEnable™ s a platform product which manages the subscription lifecycle of consumer and enterprise services. The service lifecycle begins from a service creation environment which allows to quickly roll-out new services. The customer engagement lifecycle service also extends to the provisioning of a service for a consumer; rating and charging for new services as well as renewals.


  • Service Creation and Discovery

The Telco companies and enterprises design customized value-added services through the content delivery system for the end user depending on their various preferences.

  • Service Provision

Providing Services and variations in offers as per user’s preference and through different modes of communication like the call, IVR or text depending on user convenience.

  • Service Activation

Once the service has been subscribed for, the entire process of the charges along with the number of days for the service information and deactivation procedure is provided to the user.

  • Service Renewal

digiEnable helps in reminding the users of their prepaid balance status and the charges which will be levied. digiEnable smartly gives credit to the customers based on their historical imprints in case of low balances.


  • Subscription Services

It helps Operators to launch and deliver Subscription services to its end users

  • Unleash New Revenue Streams

The subscription engine works as a base for launching future services in the roadmap to trigger new revenue streams

  • Multiple CPs for Subscription

Allows carrier to integrate multiple CPs for subscription

  • Reduction in Churn Rate

Helps to reduce churn rate, increase customer loyalty and improve revenues.

  • Boost Subscription Revenues

Uplift subscription revenues by allowing Operators launching different type of subscription management systems.

digiEnable™ empowers operators and service providers to create subscription services for all bearers from a solitary platform. It brings a wider audience to the telecom operators regarding various content as well as information-based services. It also contains a module for enabling double consent functionality if required wherein the platform asks for an explicit confirmation from the customer before activating a subscription-based service. This helps Telco to manage various products/services in an organized way facilitating the way ahead for 'clean VAS'.