Targeted Campaigns

Targeted campaigns deliver personalized below-the-line campaigns using data-analytics based on a combination of real-time context and historical data. The multi-dimensional customer insights are used to deliver only...

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Service delivery and monetization

Service delivery and monetization helps realize the potential of the service delivery platforms by aggregating and delivering relevant digital services. The monetization programs realize the investment on service delivery...

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Loyalty Management Solutions

Loyalty management solutions enhance end-user experience to stimulate loyalty and customer engagement. Our loyalty solutions span beyond point-based programs to social-media driven loyalty and using gamification...

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Smart Promotion Management

Smart promotion management optimizes the overall cost of promotions and the conversion rates across multiple channels to derive the maximum business impact of the...

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Mobile Wallet Revenue Enhancement

Mobile Wallet Revenue Enhancement provides data-driven analytical tools to manage mobile-wallet lifecycle in order to acquire users, develop their revenue and retain...

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Wi-Fi monetization

Wi-Fi monetization becomes an invaluable channel to capture user insights and social profile of the users accessing the Wi-Fi services. The monetization of Wi-Fi ...

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We ENABLE Value Added converged services for consumers and enterprises through a battle-tested next-gen Service Delivery Platform that manages the end-to-end lifecycle of digital services.

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We help Enterprises and Telco’s ENGAGE with their consumers and devices using multi-channel campaign management. Our solution provides a self-care platform to create and launch real-time one-to-one marketing...

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We EMPOWER our Enterprises and Telco’s unlock the value of their data through powerful analytics-based decisions. We help monetization of the vast data repositories in a Telco and Enterprise; and also provide ...

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